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By Barry Schein

In this ebook, Barry Schein argues that "and" is often the sentential logical connective with a similar, one, which means. "And" consistently skill "&," around the diverse buildings within which it truly is tokened in traditional language. Schein examines the buildings that problem his thesis, and indicates that the objections disappear while those buildings are translated into Eventish, a neo-Davidsonian occasion semantics, and, enlarged with Cinerama Semantics, a vocabulary for spatial orientation and navigation. in addition to rescuing "and" from ambiguity, Eventish and Cinerama Semantics resolve normal puzzles of grammar and which means unrelated to conjunction, revealing the book's important thesis within the approach: points of that means mistakenly attributed to "and" are found to mirror neighboring constructions formerly unseen and unacknowledged.Schein argues that Eventish and Cinerama Semantics supply a basic revision to clause constitution and what features of that means are represented therein. Eventish is individual by means of 4 gains: supermonadicity, which enlarges verbal decomposition in order that each argument pertains to its personal occasion; descriptive occasion anaphora, which replaces basic occasion variables with silent descriptive pronouns; adverbialization, which interposes adverbials derived from the descriptive content material of each DP; and AdrPs, which exchange all NPs with deal with words that find what nominals denote inside of scenes or frames of reference.With 'And,' Schein rehabilitates an previous rule of transformational, generative grammar, answering the demanding situations to it exhaustively and meticulously.

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